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BonWorth | America’s Favorite Mother Daughter Store!

Mom’s will go to the ends of the earth for their children.

Many drive almost that far to shop at BonWorth!

Over 60% of BonWorth customers drive an hour round trip to shop at our stores. That’s almost the kind of devotion a mom would give a daughter! Every mom out there can attest to the countless hour-long trips made delivering items left at home. So, we completely understand why women out there will drive long distances for something they love!

BonWorth customers are smart, savvy, active, they know what they want and they are incredibly LOYAL! Since BonWorth has been making women look and feel more beautiful since 1966, 3 generations and sometimes 4 are shopping with us. Why? Because they know that they can find attractive, high quality fashions that look good, feel good and seem almost new even after countless washes! As years have passed and BonWorth continued satisfying the fashion needs of women all over the country, we began noticing that the daughters of BonWorth’s first customers were also shopping with us and now, their daughters come to our stores and they too have become dedicated BonWorth customers. That’s why we say we are “America’s Favorite Mother Daughter Store!”. Of course, the icing on the cake is the fact that BonWorth sells their clothing at outlet store prices ALL the time and was even once name America’s #1 Outlet store by Consumer Reports!

Now, in 2018, BonWorth has more beautiful things on the horizon. New styles, new looks, new colors and new details! BonWorth is constantly honing and ‘tweaking’ our pieces to fit the needs and wants of our valued customers. We actually listen to what customers tell us works and doesn’t work and we take that information to our designers and they incorporate those things in upcoming lines. If it’s starting to sound like BonWorth has a Mother-Daughter relationship with their customers, you’re starting to understand why BonWorth is still here after so many years! We most certainly want our customers to feel like we treat them as family and we do this by offering very unique services within our company. All of our stores reach out to their respective communities and offer fundraisers, give back programs for non-profits and numerous other civic events. When customers cannot come to us, we often go to them with a pop-up store or trunk show. That’s just some of the things that make BonWorth so different and so special. We ARE a family-oriented company who cares not only about employees but also the vast number of women we serve within other locations.

But, back to “MOM”, there’s no better way to tell her she’s loved than giving her some beautiful things from BonWorth.

To find a BonWorth near you so you can discover for yourself why so many women love our fashions, go to and click on the Store Locator.

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