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BonWorth | Fashion Tips: 3 Ways to Look Cool in Summer

BonWorth Fashion Tips for Older Women: 3 Ways to Look and Feel Cool This Summer

BonWorth, America’s Favorite Mother-Daughter Store, was founded some 50 years ago by Mr. Loren Wells with but one goal in mind: to dress up older Southern and Mid-American women in fashionable, comfortable, and easy-to-wear ensembles and pieces. Today, the Southern and Mid-American fashion style popularized by BonWorth is favored by a lot of older women across America. 

If there’s one thing that BonWorth knows about women, it’s this: they struggle to find the perfect clothes to wear every time they step out of the house, and it’s even more challenging when they discover that they don’t have any season-appropriate clothes in their wardrobe! Worry not, with a few tweaks, you can look your best this summer without compromising comfort and style.

Here are a few tips to help you look your coolest best this summer:

1. Choose light colors and pastels

Tops and bottoms that are dark colored, especially black, absorb light, which means they absorb more heat. To look and feel fresh and cool out in the sun, choose tops and bottoms that are light colored like those that come in “baby” shades (baby pink, baby blue, etc.) and pastels. White especially reflects light which means that it doesn’t absorb as much heat as black, so the first rule of thumb in dressing up for summer is choosing clothes in light colors.

2. Stay away from thick, heavy denim pants

It’s summer, and regardless of your age, you can show a little skin! You’ve got the license to step out of the house not fully covered from head to toe during summer, and BonWorth’s selection of Capri pants are the perfect summer bottoms for older women! Pair it with a light-colored tee or blouse in soft fabric from BonWorth, and you’ve got your rockin’ summer look down to a T.

If you’re having a difficult time identifying colors that complement each other, you can check out BonWorth’s ensembles and perfectly paired separates online for inspiration.

3. Wear one accent piece

As a rule, when it comes to fashion, less is more. You don’t have to dripping in diamonds or blings every time you step outside the house. Pick one accent piece to complete your look. This could be a printed or plain scarf to cover the back of your neck or head with to protect it from the sun. You could also choose a pair of stylish sunglasses or a hat or visor to protect you from the sun and at the same time, make you look stylish in summer.

For inspiration on accent pieces, check out BonWorth’s collection of accessories.

Who says older women need to look old and frumpy? With BonWorth’s fashionable and comfortable (and affordable!) ensembles and separates, and accessories, you can look your best all year round!

For your shopping convenience, you are encouraged to check BonWorth’s online store. If you find an item that isn’t available in the size or color of your choice, don’t hesitate to contact BonWorth! You can rest assured they will help you find what you’re looking for, and if it’s available in any of their shops across America, they will deliver it to your doorstep!

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