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BonWorth | From Basement Store to 118 Retail Outlets Across America

This post picks up from the History page, which talked a little about the rich and colorful history of BonWorth.

Once on the brink of extinction, BonWorth now boasts of over 118 retail stores located in more than 28 states across the United States. From its humble beginnings (at the basement of founder Mr. Loren Wells’ family home) in the late 1960s, BonWorth has now become a household name under the Management of Gurumoorthy Gurusankar; a brand that has been so well-loved by mothers and daughters over the years that it has grown to become one of America’s most iconic brands in women’s apparel. The brand says it all:”BonWorth – America’s Favorite Mother-Daughter Store.”

The Heart of BonWorth:

Keeping Traditions in a Modern World

One of the factors that make BonWorth truly unique is the way it upholds good old Southern traditions in customer service: warm, friendly, and always ready to lend a helping hand. In fact, when investors came in to save the company from extinction, one of the things that they didn’t think twice about preserving is the real spirit of BonWorth – the true spirit of Southern and Mid-America: leading simple and meaningful lives, being neighborly, and where everyone is treated like a member of the family.

Two distinct occasions come to mind when people talk about BonWorth’s history of keeping traditions: Customer Appreciation Day and Town Hall Meetings.

What is the story behind Customer Appreciation Day?

Decades ago, when boxes of products would come into a store, customers would offer to help the manager unbox and unwrap the products. It was the customers’ way of doing something for the store. In turn, the manager would hand out cookies and bottled water to the customers. And this was how Customer Appreciation Day at BonWorth was born.

Today, Customer Appreciation Day is observed at least twice a year to celebrate BonWorth’s loyal customers. Each store in each state prepares a special spread for the customers, all depending on what the customers of a store at a state would find special. These could be punches and hotdogs, corndogs, corn on the cob and such. The point is to celebrate BonWorth’s beloved customers.

As for the Town Hall Meetings, these are more of town hall-style meetings held at local diners by the CEO and the Management where business is discussed, issues are resolved, and other relevant matters are discussed as well.

But more important than these two traditions, what BonWorth still upholds to this day is Mr. Loren Wells’ obsession with premium customer service and the value BonWorth brings to its customers. For instance, the pull-on pants that practically catapulted the brand to fame are still sold at a very affordable cost. Back in 1971, the pants sold for $8.99. Almost 50 years later, it still comes at an affordable cost at roughly around $11.99 and remains one of the most popular products of the company to this day. BonWorth knows that their special pull-on pants have become a staple for many grandmothers and older moms because they are comfortable and quite chic at the same time, which is why they have kept the founder’s tradition of bringing these pants to the women of Southern and Mid-America.

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