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BonWorth | How to be Your Own Stylist

Ever wonder how those ladies you see on TV always look so flawless—even when they are supposed to look normal??

The truth is they have something (or rather someone) very magical at their fingertips that most of us simply have cannot have—a stylist! According to BonWorth, a stylist can mean different things to different people. Some stylists work strictly with apparel, some stylists are more about accessories, some will style the whole person head to toe including make-up and hair! Most professional stylists have a heavy background in the fashion industry so they are able to source many styles and looks from designers all over the world.

Some become famous for their over-the-top ideas and some are known for very timeless looks they put together. However, there are some very basic rules that ANYONE can learn and apply to make them look like they have their very own professional stylist.  Let’s start with some basic rules most professional stylists hold dear.

  1. Know your body! Fit is critical to your overall look being good. If you have certain areas of your body that you don’t want to accentuate, downplay them by using a looser, more monotone look keeping similar colors to your overall outfit. Remember, if it feels tight or confining, the fit is most likely wrong.
  2. Find your signature style. This is fun—you find something about your style that is a constant, go-to sort of thing that you KNOW works well. If you love a longer, more flowing top over a legging or narrow pant, then one of BonWorth’s numerous styles will be great for you. If you are a more basic, simple lines kind of gal, then one of Bonworth’s BBV’s is your ticket. Whatever your signature look is, try to keep it fresh with new accessories.
  3. Experiment! Don’t be afraid to try new styles or looks. Playing dress-up is the best way to discover your true style. Try colors you thought might be wrong for you—color “tones” can change from season to season as designers do their magic. Just because you were told you could not wear ‘red’ for example doesn’t mean you cannot wear a pink-toned red or a blue-toned red. Be brave and try it out!
  4. Detox your wardrobe! It is estimated that we wear only 20% of what we purchase and place in our closets. A good rule of thumb is to discard anything you have not worn in one year. After you get rid of those things, assess what you do want to keep and decide what you will need to update your wardrobe/closet.
  5. Go to your nearest BonWorth and ask one of our highly-trained sales associates to help you pick out pieces that will complement your existing items while giving your wardrobe a breath of fresh air!

BonWorth is very proud of the fact that ALL of our sales associates have been trained to assist customers in styling and fit so that every time you shop, you will have your own personal BonWorth Stylist right there to make certain you look and feel your very best!

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