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BonWorth | How to Rock & Own a Room at 55+

You Can Still Own a Room – 5 Easy Steps!

Remember when you were a bouncy, limber teenager with the energy of a jack-rabbit and when you walked into a room, heads turned? So BonWorth wants to ask you: what if a few years have passed and we don’t bounce into a room (although some of our parts might!) like we did then. We can still “own” who we are by embracing our changes and emphasizing our favorite attributes. Every single woman out there has one or more features that people seem to always comment on—for instance, you may hear that you have beautiful, sparkly green eyes or maybe you were blessed with the long legs of a dancer…whatever it is, accentuate it and you’ll always look fabulous.  BonWorth says that there are a few tried and true tips to remember though that are specifically for women over 50.

  1. Back to Basics: For many years we’ve heard about the importance of basics. The key to a perfect wardrobe is building it around basics. Things like a classic cut, dark denim pant (BonWorth has the perfect pair) can be paired with virtually everything. Anything from BonWorth’s BBV line is going to give years of great looks and comfort. Plain white shell tops, a simple black skirt—anything in the ‘classics’ category is a must.
  2. Know your Body. Are you short, petite, tall, plump? There are some style that almost anyone can not only pull off, but look great in as well. Dark capris, collar-less jackets, slightly flared skirts all work well on most body types.
  3. Careful with Color. We all know that black possesses many magical properties for fashion but it’s not always a 50+ woman’s best friend! It can be too severe – especially when close to the face. Our skin tone lightens as we age so what use to be a great color for you might need to be revised now! Try navy, grey or even khaki to achieve the same effects. And…don’t be afraid to use pops of color that you know suit your skin tone.
  4. Accessorize! Don’t go overboard but add some sparkle or color or texture to your overall look by finding the right pieces. The best way to do that is try on different things and look in the mirror. The right one will be obvious. A statement necklace, a gorgeous scarf, fun earrings can lift any outfit. But seriously, use accessories sparingly…wear them, don’t disappear or hide under them!
  5. Lastly, BonWorth says, when you’ve chosen what you are going to wear and what accessories you are adding, look at yourself in a full length mirror with your “whole” outfit in mind. Look at yourself from every angle and make sure you are happy with everything…then it’s time to add THE most important item…a smile! People respond and notice happy, smiling people quicker and more favorably than others.

There you have it you rock star you! Remember, self-confidence is something you control. When you walk into a place with confidence, it is noticed! And to make sure you ARE confident, be happy with you choice of clothing and that just ads to your irresistibility! Also remember that BonWorth has a personal stylist in every store. Our Managers are experienced and involved with fashion on a daily basis so don’t ever hesitate to walk into one of our stores and ask for styling tips. You’ll walk out looking like a million bucks!

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