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There was a time when denim was considered an industrial, more ‘manly’ fabric seen and worn on farms, in factories and around jobs that often entailed getting pretty dirty. After all, it was created in 1873 and made specifically to withstand hard core wear and tear. Well, let’s just say denim has come a long way, baby! BonWorth believes that started out as fabric for “dungarees’ or pants has now become a true staple in every wardrobe! There are limitless ways to use it too. It can be fashioned into hats, shirts, jackets, skirts, back packs…you name it and it’s probably been made already in denim! But BonWorth says that denim has had quite an evolution in the fashion world. Let’s take a look at where it was and where it’s going—other than in your closet!

Ahhhh, soft, broken-in cotton denim…possibly THE most comfortable thing on the planet! Of course, it takes a great deal of wear and even more washing to get them to that point, right? WRONG! Over the last 25 or so years fabrics have been altered dramatically to fit the needs and wants of the fashion industry. BonWorth adds things like spandex and Lycra to make the cotton more flexible with more ‘give’ in areas like the waistband. Because of this, denim has become even more popular than ever. No matter the season, denim is going to be a True Blue friend to your wardrobe.

One thing that BonWorth believes you need to remember is that denim is basically for all seasons and now comes in a large variety of weights, thicknesses and finishes. You can get pre-washed, aged, distressed even beat-all-to-pieces looking denim or you can stick with denim that has NO distress or fading and you get a totally different look.  Also, denim has become universally accepted in almost any occasion. You can dress it up with accessories, a jacket and heels or you can go the other direction and keep the look casual.  If you choose a darker denim, it will look a bit dressier and you can add a plethora of accessories to glam it up even more.  But, if you want to keep it casual, pair your jean pants with flats or tennis shoes.

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