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Two, Four, Six, Eight, what do we appreciate? SUMMER, SUMMER, SUMMER!

After having a rather tumultuous winter in parts of the country, there are many of us who are tickled pink—no, make that fuchsia—to see the happy days of summer upon us. But remember, warm, lazy days filled with sunshine don’t mean the temperature won’t dip down to downright chilly at night! This creates an interesting dilemma for the fashion savvy ladies out there because many of the seasons best looks are meant to have short sleeves or no sleeves at all! Fortunately, many designers at BonWorth understand this and they create looks that have or can be complemented with layers or summer weight jackets and sweaters.

There are a few things you will want to keep in mind with this season’s best sellers. Here at BonWorth, our sheer chiffon-like pieces are always under-layered with a solid shell built in so that you won’t have to pin, tuck, tie or tape layers to stay in place! Layered looks may not be for everyone but they do have benefits that would appeal to just about everyone! By adding a sheer top over a simple, opaque tank you are achieving more dimension and interest.

Look for a loose fit that has a slightly flowy feel when putting that top layer on. When the temp goes up the last thing you want are multiple layers of fabric tightly clinging to your skin! You can still have structure in the shape of the garment but keep it on the relaxed side. BonWorth always includes soft, unrestricted sweaters in our collections and customers absolutely adore the way they complement so many different BonWorth pieces.

Find styles that do the layering for you! Tops that feature a shark-bite hemline, an asymmetrical hemline or a scarf-like hem are your best bets. These styles automatically give the illusion of layering and look fantastic over slim pants, skirts and even shorts.

And if you don’t want the “bulk” of actual layering, find styles with color blocks or pattern blocks that create the illusion of layering.

Last but not least there is another kind of layering that can make or break a look. Accessories. Accessories are truly an individual thing in most cases, but many of the world’s most notable fashion icons have very definite opinions. Ralph Lauren muse and designer Iris Apfel believed that a woman should wear a minimum of 4 necklaces while Coco Channel was quoted often saying “that before a lady leaves the house, she should look in the mirror and remove one thing!” The best thing to do is to look at your outfit with several variations in the accessories. Most of the time your eye and your gut will tell you what looks best. Just trust yourself and have fun with it!

Now that it has all been ‘laid’ out for you, go to to see this season’s best sellers.

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