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Vacation Packing with BonWorth’s Travel Wear

One of life’s most glorious things is going on and planning for a well-needed and deserved vacation. And like or not, as women we tend to pack slightly more than male counterparts…and that’s OK…we make the world prettier because of that so it seems like a good trade-off to me! There are plenty of reasons why planning a vacation can become a nightmare. Planning your clothing/outfits should not be one of them! When you talk about travel-friendly apparel, you should think BonWorth. For over 50 years BonWorth has featured an incredible fabric in their lines that is literally made for travel and more importantly packing. BonWorth’s Travel Wear is made of a lightweight woven polyester fabric that can come in an array of textures. The beauty of this fabric is that you can throw, wad, fold, etc. and put it on! Just shake it out a little and you are good to go. But the ease of care is a huge plus too. Simply wash, hang up or toss in the dryer for a few and AGAIN…you are good to go! It doesn’t take a neuro physicist to figure out ALL of the reasons all of BonWorth’s Travel Wear pieces are perfect for your vacation.

Another item you don’t want to leave behind is a scarf (or 10) that can be worn around your neck loosely for warmth-it seems every flight I’ve been on the last few years becomes a refrigerated unit upon my arrival, so I always take 3 or 4 BonWorth scarves in a variety of colors and textures. Besides the comfort factor adding a scarf always gives you a touch of style and depth.

You’ve probably heard that “rolling” your clothes takes less space than “folding” your clothes. This is a true fact and once again, pick fabrics that don’t have a high wrinkle factor. BonWorth’s Travel Wear is perfect for rolling. And I must admit, I justify taking more scarves by using them to loosely tie my rolled garments! Besides, scarves also allow you to create multiple outfits. For example, take a plain BonWorth BBV top and grab scarves in different lengths, colors and patterns to make virtually limitless looks. Also, no matter what time of year, you may want to pack your largest, coziest scarf in your carry-on bag to use as a lap blanket once you take off should you be going by plane.

This last tip is something I discovered after purchasing my first pair of Snoozies from BonWorth.  Snoozies are velvety-soft slippers that make excellent jewelry cases and are great for small toiletries. Just take your accessories (jewelry) and simply slip them into your Snoozies for padded protection. Also, things like deodorant can be tucked into one easily and stays put!  By the way, if you are not familiar with what Snoozies are, I seriously recommend you try a pair out immediately. It’s like the world’s softest kittens are hugging your feet!

There you go. You have the 1,2,3’s of easy vacation packing! And now you can join the many other BonWorth customers who are already familiar with the easy care, easy wear fabrics and styles we offer! Happy trails ladies!

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