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BonWorth | “Polyester is not a dirty word!”

What do you think of when you hear the words “polyester” and “rayon”? Do those words envoke a good feeling or a not so good feeling? Perhaps, BonWorth says,  knowing a little about the history of such fabrics would help understand the popularity and continued use of synthetic fibers.

Polyester is a strong, flexible fiber that lasts a very long time and shows little wear with colors remaining bolder and brighter in the process. In fashion this is a big selling point. Nobody wants to buy a particular garment in which their favorite colors are key only to take it home, wash it one time and find that the colors have all but disappeared. Poly allows you to easily launder a garment without the worry of fading or having colors run. As a fabric, polyester also dries very quickly and is wrinkle resistant making it perfect for the fashion industry. The fact that polyester does dry so quickly makes it a great choice in colder climates where it’s important not to have moisture locked against the skin. And for the 2 reasons just mentioned, it has become a favored fabric in cold weather sports apparel like skiing and snowboarding. But back to BonWorth and fashion.

BonWorth opened its doors in the height of the “synthetics” era. Polyester was making its mark in fashion lines all over the world and BonWorth was no exception. Aiming to create and manufacture the perfect pant was one of BonWorth’s goals and polyester made it possible to do so. Comfort, wearability and style were things that absolutely had to be a part of BonWorth’s recipe for the perfect pant! Decades late we are still making that same “perfect pant” for women who are looking for a garment that will last, will be easy to care for, won’t wrinkle like crazy, is affordable and looks fabulous on! All of these selling points are possible due to the creation of polyester. Of course, BonWorth also relies heavily on our fantastic cotton/poly blends to design many of BonWorth’s best-selling pieces. It’s the best of both worlds—they offer breath-ability and a natural feel while also being strong, flexible and very cost effective.

All of this is very scientific and just a tiny fraction of what goes into a BonWorth garment. All of us at BonWorth keep working hard to stay on the cutting edge (pardon the pun) of fashion and as we learn more, we will keep passing that knowledge on to you—our valued customer.
So, do you still think Polyester is a dirty word? Another fact about polyester? It’s much easier to remove dirt and staining from this wonder fiber too!

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