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BonWorth | What’s In A Name?

BonWorth What’s In A Name?

From day to day, most of us don’t really wonder or think about where the numerous business names and corporation names come from. They roll off our tongues like overcooked couscous and we seldom even ask ourselves what they mean or how they came into existence. More often than not, the names are meant to indicate something good or favorable about the company or the name may pay tribute to a person of greatness. For example, the luxury car Cadillac was named after the French explorer and adventurer Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac (there’s a mouthful). He was known for being tough and strong but also for being very elegant. And he was a military commander to boot. Thus the perfect name for a luxury car that was also very safe. Then there’s everyone’s favorite toy LEGO’S. You’re going to love this one…it literally means ‘to play well’. All these years of building with and cursing after stepping on the frequent ones that didn’t get picked up and I finally know what it means! Of course, family names are at the top of the list for ‘what to name your company’. BonWorth is a great example of that. It’s in a category of ‘merged’ names — taking 2 or more personal names or parts of those names and merging them together to form one unique name. And in an age where celebrity couples are referred to as “TomKat”, “Brangelina” and “KimYe”, BonWorth is right on trend!

BonWorth was opened in 1966 by Mr. Loren Wells. Loren was very close to his parents. He was a good student throughout his education and graduated from the esteemed University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. He spent several years working in the textile business and really cut his teeth in the industry when he worked for textile giant Milliken & Company (incidentally named after its founder Seth Milliken). Wells learned quickly that he could sell just about anything and his mother, a fine seamstress, knew her son had bigger things in store for his life. She encouraged him to go out on his own and she offered to do her part. Her suggestion to name their new endeavor BonWorth by taking her name-Bonnie and her husband’s name—Worth and combine them was an instant hit! BonWorth Company was born! Now, fast forward a few decades. Like any small southern town, Hendersonville, NC has it’s share of “urban myths” so it was no surprise to hear that the name BonWorth actually had other tales of how the name was formed. The second cousin of a distant Wells family member swears that SHE knew the REAL story behind the name and it went something like this. The family was sitting around looking over some of Loren’s knew fabric finds that he brought home his mother Bonnie and as she sat there softly stroking the finish of the fabric she exalted “Now this is very BON…very good fabric and it is WORTH the price.” I’m sure you can figure out the rest of that particular story! The fact that it literally translates to “Good Worth” or “Good Value” is just icing on the cake!

Regardless of HOW the company got its name, BonWorth’s mission has always been to provide a quality product that looks great and can be purchased at an affordable price. After 52 years of making women look and feel beautiful, BonWorth has become synonymous with great looks and great value—we have ladies from all over the U.S. who still drive hours to shop in one of our stores if need be and they know that if the name BonWorth is on the garment, it is something they can rest assured knowing will look fabulous for years to come. So, what’s in a name? A LOT!

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