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BonWorth | About

For anyone across America who hears or reads the phrase “America’s favorite mother-daughter store,” the brand BonWorth readily comes to mind. For over 50 years, BonWorth have been providing women across the U.S. with fashionable ensembles and separates at affordable prices. The goal is to dress women in stylish clothing and apparel designed with three things in mind: affordable, low maintenance (easy to care for), and comfortable. These factors coupled with the company’s praiseworthy customer service are what make them truly unique. But their uniqueness doesn’t stop here.

As an employer, BonWorth is a cut above the rest.

BonWorth takes care of its employees as much as it does its customers. Just look at these numbers to find out how the company values its employees:

  • Over 97% of their employees are women
  • Over 45% of them are beyond retirement age (which is very unheard of for most companies)
  • The company takes care of sick employees, and provide paid holidays that are better than what most other corporations provide – up to four weeks of paid time off and sometimes going up to 12 weeks in some circumstances

The result? The average length of employment is – one of the highest in the industry with many employees serving decades ! This only proves that when you take care of your employees, they develop a strong loyalty to the company. And when you put a high premium on your employees’ welfare, the takeaway is that they take care of you and your business.

The company has a family environment in its workplace. As mentioned above, 97% of its employees are women; reflecting the consumers that it serves. BonWorth is traditional in thought and modern in innovation; a combination that has served its clientele well over the years.

Customer satisfaction guarantee

The BonWorth mission statement reads: “The mission of our company is to satisfy our valued customers.” And to make sure that each and every customer encounter is pleasant, the company goes to extraordinary lengths to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Obsessive about customer service, the company was ranked as the “Number One Outlet Store in America.” It envisions department store fashions, and specialty store service at outlet prices.

In keeping with the times, BonWorth constantly reinvents itself with product upgrades, as well as upgrades in management best practices while embracing technological advancements for its operations. Traditional and modern; no one does it better than BonWorth! With over 118 retail stores in strategic locations across the U.S.; plus, pop-up and mobile stores, and trunk shows and fashion shows out of each store, every customer who walks into a BonWorth store will be served like the VIPs that they are.

Designed for women over 40 years old who want to look fresh, current, and fashionable; BonWorth clothing and apparel have become a staple in most American women’s wardrobe.

Visit any of our stores or shop online and transform yourself into “BonWorth Beautiful.” Once you’ve become BonWorth Beautiful, you’ll never want to shop anywhere else!